Apply to Marlborough

The application for students int之前sted in enrolling for the 2022-2023 academic year is now available. Marlborough uses the software platform 拉文纳 as its application platform, which you can access h之前

We will be hosting an in-person Open House on Saturday, 10月23日, 2021 to give families a peek into our community and school culture. That event registration can be accessed on the 拉文纳 application platform.

Before you read any further, we want you to know that we are h之前 to help you navigate this process. Please access the 招生 Office staff at admissions@马尔堡.org if you have any questions.

Below you will find general steps to apply to Marlborough. Further details and all forms can be found in 拉文纳.

步骤1: Submit an Inquiry in 拉文纳
步骤2: Register for the Open House (Optional) in 拉文纳
步骤3: Submit Initial Application and $150 Application Fee or Fee Waiver as soon as you are ready to apply and no later than January 5, 2022
步骤4: If you are applying to grades 9-11, schedule an interview (we will email you). If you are applying to grades 7-8, schedule a Group Activity Session in 拉文纳.
步骤5: In 拉文纳, delegate recommendations from your School Administrator, 英语老师, and Math Teacher by January 14, 2022.
步骤6: Submit Official Transcripts by January 14, 2022